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I am working as a Billing Specialist at Pointclickcare based in Mississauga, Ontario.

I am working remotely, working from home in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. I am blessed enough to have work with this pandemic still crushing people in different aspects of life.

The school experience was great. My instructor has always been around when I needed her and whenever I left a voicemail message, for instance, if I wasn’t able to speak with her because of our time difference, Lucy would get back to me as soon as possible.

The materials were helpful and the test was great to check your understanding of the modules. I liked doing this program at my own pace, provided I kept track of it and made sure I had enough time and even go ahead of the modules as much as I can. Although sometimes when I crammed, I would get nervous taking the test, LOL. Which is normal. But it is a relief to pass and get through it. It is also a way of testing yourself how to handle pressures. I enjoyed doing it and did not hesitate to ask, consult, and have one on one with my instructor, if I wanted clarification to understand the module better.

Remember that knowledge is power!

In reality, when we applied for work, it is like a pool, with a lot of people who have the same program as you. There are competitions.

For me to survive in the pool, I must learn how to swim, and swimming is what I called education. Once you can swim, you must work smart not hard. Perform by actions. Always find ways to make your work easier getting the same results.

Working in accounting/finance department, I believe you got to have an analytical mind, be attentive to details, and be confident working with numbers.


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