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Fatima Khurshid

My Success Journey

People always want to start their journey at sunrise as sunrise represents hope, positivity, and new life. I would say that CD-ED is like the sunrise as it gives hope and new life to its students.

My name is Fatima Khurshid and I migrated to Canada in Dec. 2019 and in Feb. 2020 I had a baby. I had just started searching for a job as a certified Childcare Worker that the pandemic started and hopelessness, frustration, and fear engulfed everyone. In July 2020, new hope came into my life when Brian from CD-ED contacted me regarding my queries about Medical Office Administration program, the program that I started the following, i.e. September 2020.

The support I received from everybody at CD-ED was remarkable, starting from the first point of contact (i.e. Mr. Bain) through several instructors, they had been tremendously helpful and encouraging. They changed my life. My instructor, Joanne proved to be an amazing lady, who helped me everywhere and supported me whenever I felt lost. Through their support and mentorship now I can complete my program in May 2021, which is scheduled to be finished in Dec. 2021, which shows that I am 7 to 8 months ahead of my schedule.

Last but not the least, I would like to mention Mrs. Susan from the career service department (of CD-ED), who helped me in tailoring my resume so nicely that I am offered a job in the nearby clinic.

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Fatima Khurshid

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