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Jenna Hoskin

After going to college straight out of high school for business it did not take me long to decide that this was not the best career or learning environment for me.

I enjoy working with people and I was always interested in the medical field. So, after 3 years of trying to figure out where to go back to school, I came across CD-ED. I researched a few of the programs the school offered for medical then spoke with one of the representatives from Student Services and they helped me choose a Medical Office Administration program.

After starting the program in June 2019, it did not take long for me to realize I made the right choice with both choosing the program and CD-ED school, My favorite program that I took was Medical Terminology, learning all the different word parts and how they work together, however, when it came to Business English I did struggle so I reached out to my instructor and received the help I needed to make it through. After I graduated from my program, I began my job search applying everywhere I could.

In December of 2020, I applied for an administrative position at West End Medical Center for Dr. Malcom Medows-Younger. I felt so accomplished when I finally received a call for an interview, I made it through and was very fortunate to be chosen for the position. A typical day for me consists of answering phone calls, entering reports booking appointments for patients with the doctor as well as with the hospital to have X-rays, blood work, and other tests completed. I find many of the skills I learned throughout my time at CD-ED but learning to work independently and manage my time properly and prioritizing tasks that are the most important.

I had an amazing experience taking the Medical Administration program. To future and current students take your time and understand what is being taught; if you don’t understand ask for help. Best of luck to all!

Jenna Hoskin

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