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Tanner Gerrans

I wanted a career change, but I didn’t have a secondary education that I was able to fall on, that’s when I discovered CD-ED knowing that I needed to maintain working full time. It was going to be a challenge, but I heard so many good things about CD-ED and they were not wrong.

Throughout the year-long Graphic Design program, I was supported and encouraged to push myself, I graduated on the president’s list which was an absolute honor. Now it was time to enter the job search phase, I was blown away by the amount of support that the Career Services department provided, they helped me recreate my resume geared towards the Graphic Design industry, gave me interviewing tips, and also provided me with a place I could apply in my area.

With all the support and preparation it didn’t take me too long to land a full-time Graphic Design position at a company that performs environmental studies in our Oceans. I am so excited to work every day and I owe it all to CD-ED.

Tanner Gerrans

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